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“My agency and I have worked with Jesse Tallent on several projects. I’m always impressed with his attention to detail and creativity in giving us the exact graphic we need for our cause. I highly recommend Jesse and the entire Tallent team!”
-Chief Mike West, Front Range Fire Rescue

Adapt & Overcome

Some of my earliest memories are of drawing and creating art. As a kid I dreamed of becoming a comic book artist and I would often get in trouble at school for drawing pictures in my notebooks instead of taking notes.  As time went on, I worked different jobs and started a family with my amazing wife Amy but I never stopped creating.

My wife and I eventually went into the fire service and there a unique opportunity presented itself.  While on shift one day I showed my officer a couple of sketches of fire station mascot designs and soon after I was assigned to create a station mascot for every station in the department.

It was also during this time that my wife and I started our journey into entrepreneurship and after five years in the fire service I decided to quit the best job I ever had to help grow our businesses.  We made it a priority to help first responders in any way possible and even though I have designed for small businesses, large corporations and government entities, the logos/mascots made for police, fire, ems and dispatchers are some of my favorites.

We make it a priority to show our 3 beautiful children that with strong faith, determination, and grace they can lead from the front and learn to adapt and overcome.


Other than FireBorn Design, Jesse and his wife Amy also own the Tallent Company, a communication firm, Jesse is co-owner of Steepwalker Apparel, a hunting apparel company and Amy heads Tallent Co. Real Estate a leading real estate team in Northern Colorado.

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